Song of the Week 2nd Half (Wed 04/04/12)

It’s time for Vocaloid song. Consider this one of the best Vocaloid songs!

Tsugai Kogarashi 「番凩」 (Pair of Wintry Winds)
Performed by: MEIKO (メイコ) & KAITO (カイト) (Vocaloid voice synthesizer)
Composition/Lyrics/Arrangement: Shigotoshite-P (仕事してP)

This song also featured in the rhythm game Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Extend. For me, the PV in the game is much better than the original one. KAITO & MEIKO or I should say KAIMEI are really a good combination! Really suits well with this kind of song! WOOT KAIMEI!! XD

I’m currently working on my new AMV, also about Persona 4 like last time. So while waiting for it, please enjoy my previous AMV here.


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