Persona4 the ANIMATION Vol.4: Rise Kujikawa’s Arc (Ep 8-10)

#8 – We’ve lost something important again
#9 – No one sees the real me
#10 – Real Me Doesn’t Exist
Batch Folder

It’s been a long time since Vol.4 release but the fansub group released them late. Vol.5 Eng subtitled episodes just released today. So I’m now workin’ on it.

Then right after the final episode a.k.a Normal End of the TV anime series, Aniplex announced that the director’s cut of the episode will be included in the 10th volume of the BD/DVD release set on August 22nd this year. Plus, a True End episode will be included together as an OVA release anD OMG!!! IT’S A BATTLE AGAINST MARGARET!! CAN’T WAIT FOR IT! Unfortunately, it’s 4 months away man…

Preorders via CDJapan:
Limited Edition (BD | DVD)
Regular Edition (DVD)

To all anime staffs, please make the last 2 eps much more better & epic. Hope they will not disappoint me…


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