Spring 2012 Re-encoding Highlights

Lots of promising anime this season.

1) Sakamichi no Apollon 「坂道のアポロン」 (Eng title: Kids on the Slope)

Info: (Anime News Network | MyAnimeList | Official site)
‘Tis gonna be promising because it won the 57th Shogakukan Manga Award that held recently for general manga audience division. More surprisingly, the duo of Cowboy Bebop veterans, Shinichiro Watanabe X Yoko Kanno reunite to get involved in this anime production. They had done with CB very well. This series is mainly about jazz music, so this one suits really well with Yoko Kanno’s music composing ability. I really expect this gonna be a masterpiece. This anime will be aired on the noitaminA timeblock.

© Yuki Kodama, Shogakukan/KIDS ON THE SLOPE Committee

2) Sankarea 「さんかれあ」

Info: (Anime News Network | MyAnimeList | Official site -JP-)
A zombie romance huh? But still I haven’t watched ‘Kore wa Zombie desu ka?‘ series yet. A boy that obsessed with zombies… Expecting kawaii zombies in this one.

© Mitsuru Hattori・Kodansha/Sankarea Production Committee

3) Hyouka 「氷菓」 (Eng title: Hyou-ka, you can’t escape)

Info: (Anime News Network | MyAnimeList | Official site -JP-)
I love mystery anime. Glad that this will be done by Kyoto Animation, so it might be something on par with Haruhi Suzumiya series. Character designed very well, animation is so good. Have potential that it will be the best anime of the season.

© Honobu YonezawaKADOKAWA SHOTEN CO.,LTD./The graduates of the classic club of the Kamiyama high school

4) Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 (Kuroko no Basuke)

Info: (Anime News Network | MyAnimeList | Official site -JP-)
Well, lots of Jump anime ended around this season, especially the long-running Bleach. So I’ll also take this one as a replacement for Gintama as it had started its hiatus. Have you watched Slam Dunk during retro era? And another Slam Dunk legacy.

© Tadatoshi Fujimaki/Shueisha・Kuroko no Basuke Production Committee


3 thoughts on “Spring 2012 Re-encoding Highlights

    • i’m sorry but i can’t, because that’s not in the reservation list that i made in minitheatre.org (MT). i tried to reserve that anime last month, but someone from MT reserved it first. so, it can’t be helped…

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