Persona4 the ANIMATION Original Soundtrack Vol.2

It’s a Vol.5 BD/DVD Bonus CD with more OST by Shoji Meguro.

Tr.01「Ain’t Nobody Can Hold Me Down」
Tr.02「Freedom overflows」
Tr.03「A hero appears behind time」
Tr.04「Honey’s valley」
Tr.07「追憶の欠片」 ~Tsuioku no Kakera~
Tr.09「tears of eternity」
Tr.10「Truth is hidden into fog」
Tr.11「Crazy Shadow」
Tr.12「Time for True Revelation」

Vocals: Shihoko Hirata (Tr.01) & Yumi Kawamura (Tr.12)
Rap (Tr.01 & Tr.12): Lotus Juice
Lyrics (Tr.01 & Tr.12): Lotus Jiuce
Composer & Arranger: Shoji Meguro

Download Link:

Now working for the re-encode process for Ep 8-10 BD version.

© Index Corporation/P4A Committee


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