Sun is orange, sky is blue, rainbow is colorful, water is colorless, crow is black, tree is green, chocolate is brown, paper is white, my lappy is black, my car is purple, my milk coffee is brown….

OK, OK… Enough of these monologues. This series ended with monologues anyway. BRS is blue, Strength is black-brownish, Black Gold Saw is red, Deadmaster is green & Chariot is yellow. Glad that this series ended ‘peacefully’.

My verdict:

Animation – 7/10 (3D animation is OK but I don’t like the act of the characters like some kind of android creature. I like the fighting scenes, especially the BRS with that big cannon as you can find in this episode. But it is still can’t beat the OVA quality.)

Concept – 8/10 (Pretty like the concepts though, the scenery from the other world that resembles each of the character’s feelings)

Story – 6/10 (Meh, complicated relationships came one after another. The story was not strong enough. I thought it was going to be like the game’s story. To be honest, I don’t get it why are they suddenly cry?)

Music – 8/10 (Since ryo of supercell is also contributing the musics together with another composer Hideharu Mori, I guess that the musics are still pretty good enough.)

Overall – 7/10: Anyway this series is not bad at all. Praised for the battle scenes but the story is an element that lack of. Some viewers are unable to understand this confusing story with relationship twists.

#8: Beyond This World (MF | ifile)
Batch folder: (MF | ifile |

FYI, I will re-encode 4 new spring anime. One of them will be the next noitaminA anime, which will be promising because Shinichiro Watanabe X Yoko Kanno! I will inform you the title of these anime around this week.

Have you watched the Guilty Crown finale? Pretty sad that Inori’s gone though… 😦

But I LOLed that ‘Shoe’ had his hand equipped with automail (FMA-ripoff), and he’s gone blind bcoz he took Inori’s Void during the time he tried to become a savior. One of the sad endings this season…


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