Song Of The Week 1st Half (Sun 11/03/12)

「Brand New Days」
(Persona 3 FES ED)
Performed by: Yumi Kawamura
Lyrics: Yuichiro Tanaka (full lyrics)
Composer/Arranger: Shoji Meguro

To be honest, Persona 3 is one of the video games that has a very deep story yet sadful ending, and that was the main factor that made the game successful across the world. First, I was puzzled with questions about what will happen to the protagonist a.k.a Minato Arisato from the main story. Then just after the intro of Aigis’ story in P3FES, I feel aggrieved with Minato’s truth; his death. Although I was a bit disappointed, but with P3FES ending, that made the atmosphere much more peaceful & I’m glad that Aigis chose to live on with her friends. I love happy endings…

I wonder what will Persona 5 looks like?


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