Song Of The Week 2nd Half (7/3/12)

Now is the 2nd half Song Of The Week post, Wednesday edition. Again, please take a note that Song Of The Week will be posted twice a week (Sundays & Wednesdays) as mentioned in the 1st post of this category.

From 「PSI-missing」 Single
(“To Aru Majutsu no Index ~A Certain Magical Index~” OP1)
Performed by: Mami Kawada
Composition: Tomoyuki Nakazawa
Arrangement: Tomoyuki Nakazawa, Takeshi Ozaki
Lyrics: Mami Kawada (full lyrics)

I love most of Mami Kawada’s song since the “Hishoku no Sora” song. This song has a mix of techno & rock style. Man… To be honest, before the single release I have to rewatch the TAMNI OP many times. The melody was kind of addictive y’know…


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