Guilty Crown OP2 Single: EGOIST – The Everlasting Guilty Crown

Saw this available around the Internet forums before the official release on 7th March. So I just wanna share with you all the songs included in this single by EGOIST. If you want something special like song PV DVD & limited edition stuffs, order them. Support the distributor.

FYI (for newbies), EGOIST is actually a fictional band group featured in Guilty Crown anime with Inori Yuzuriha as the vocalist, but in reality this group consists of the doujin band ‘supercell’; with Chelly as the vocalist while the song is being composed, arranged & written by ryo. The cover art was done by redjuice.

The songs are pretty well-performed and vocals are much pretty sweet! But I want Nagi Yanagi back… Anyway, you shouldn’t miss this one and it’s worth hearing it!

1. The Everlasting Guilty Crown
2. Kimi Sora Kiseki 「キミソラキセキ」
3. The Everlasting Guilty Crown (BOOM BOOM SATELLITES remix -The Last Moment Of The Dawn-)
4. The Everlasting Guilty Crown (TV Edit)
5. The Everlasting Guilty Crown -Instrumental-
6. Kimi Sora Kiseki 「キミソラキセキ」 -Instrumental-
7. The Everlasting Guilty Crown (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

Limited Edition (while stocks last) : CDJapan | Yesasia
Regular Edition : CDJapan | Yesasia
Download from MediaFire here

© Guilty Crown Committee


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