(MF | ifile | Minitheatre)

This marks the beginning of the second-half of the television series. Day by day, it is getting creepier & darker than the OVA episode, I’ve to admit it. In this week’s episode, “Kotori asobi” (Yomi) from real world & Dead Master from the other world are getting INSANE but apparently they will not only the ones who are INSANE. Soon BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER also will be transformed into her INSANE mode.

So, “INSANE BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER” is born and she will be packed together with the B★RS Limited Edition Blu-Ray/DVD BOX set to be released this June 22nd. You can take a look at the INSANE designs from the official site. Preorders can be made via CDJapan: (Blu-Ray | DVD)

Figma is created by Good Smile Company

Expect more of the INSANE B★RS’ INSANE actions next week. Watch the INSANE preview at www.noitamina-brs.jp. IB★RS FTW! XD

And do you still remember this INSANE expression? Compare it with the episode screenshot:P.S.: I knew it! Something special will happen bcoz the episode name is entitled “BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER” anyway, same as the anime title! And wow, too many INSANE words today…


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