B★RS Ep 4 miniHD

#The World I Once Dreamed of Closes on Me (MF | ifile | Minitheatre)

More dark psychological friendship crisis in this episode. And Kagari is back with her ‘innocent’ side & now experiencing school life. So no more wheelchair girl from now on. Deadmaster emerges again with her giant skull, will be battling against Black★Rock Shooter. Next week will be some intense fight between them, maybe Mato & Yomi will be having conflict again.

We’re halfway through the series and 4 more to go. Not expecting it too much but I wanna see how it ends. The next week’s episode title will be the same as the anime title, so something special might show up, I guess. You can check out the next episode preview at the B★RS official site @ www.noitamina-brs.jp.

P.S: I want Nagaru Tanigawa back as the writer of the series!


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