Persona 4 Arena Coming This Summer

The English version of the Japanese “Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena”, entitled “Persona 4 Arena” confirmed by Atlus USA to be released this summer (August 7 on

….The title being screwed up! Why P4A? That initial is for the anime series, stands for “Persona 4: The Animation”. So if that’s the case, IMO why don’t name it “Persona 4 Ultimate Arena” so it can follow up the original P4U initial. Hmm, figures….

Anyway, the game is up for pre-orders & it will be released for Sony’s PlayStation 3 & Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console. (international) : X360 | PS3

More pre-order sites from this page:

And here’s the video tutorial of P4U gameplay for Taito Type X² arcade platfroms in Japan, will be available next month. BlazBlue-like gameplay, so it’s simple, easy to understand & really cool enough!

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