B★RS Ep 3 – I can’t hold back my tears anymore. (miniHD)

MF | ifile | MT Listing

…Have you ever experienced mental disorder?

And tears suddenly came out… I don’t get the situation.

Anyhow, not much fight scenes in this ep & Kagari is fine for a moment. Don’t wanna see her pissed face again…

*The full ending song “Bokura no Ashiato 「僕らのあしあと」” will be included in supercell’s upcoming single “Kokuhaku X Bokura no Ashiato 「告白X 僕らのあしあと」” to be released on 7th March 2012. “Kokuhaku 「告白」”, Guilty Crown 2nd ending theme song also come along with this release. 2 different types of releases; Type A (1st cover) & Type B (2nd cover). Illustrations for cover 1 by redjuice & cover 2 by huke.

Pre-orders at CDJapan: (Type A | Type B)

Pre-orders at Yesasia: (Type A | Type B)


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