#2: The Sky Accepting the Glow of Dawn (MF | ifile | Minitheatre Listing)

Glad that this episode is better than the last one. Fighting scenes are also getting more intense than before. Some said that these scenes are not getting any sense. IMO, the Black Rock Shooter world is a metaphorical world, representing the character’s emotion from the reality world. In other words, that place is not ruled by the law of science, but with the law of emotion. The fight scenes are just representations of the emotional “damage” they are inflicting and/or taking.

Also, the drama is all about the friendship of the junior-high school students, not some sort of high school, college or adult’s story. The story might “immature” but in case of these junior-high school characters, it suited well.

After witnessing a scene at the end of the episode, I think this might be turned out into a horror anime…


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