Persona4 the ANIMATION Vol.3 Stuffs

#5: Would you love me?

#6: I’ll beat you, and beat you good

#7: Suspicious Tropical Paradise

Batch Folder

Vol.3 Bonus CD: Drama CD Vol.1*

Screenshot Comparison

*The drama is in Japanese. I’m not professional enough to translate them in English and I’m still learning. So if someone who are willing to translate them for us (me and the readers), feel free to send the translations thru comments or post it by giving download link. Your assistance is much appreciated!

Enjoy with your Persona 4 Vol.3 release! It’s Kanji Tatsumi episode. More hilarious scene during 7th episode with an epic Persona fusion performed by Yuu!

Next volume release will be on February 22, with “True Story” single performed by Rie Kugimiya (CV: Rise Kujikawa) as the Bonus CD.

Preorder via: CDJapan (Blu-ray | DVD) | Yesasia (Blu-Ray only for a moment)


2 thoughts on “Persona4 the ANIMATION Vol.3 Stuffs

  1. If you check out and watch them all there you might be able to read and open Notepad or Word and copy the subs if you are a fast typer 😉 That’s what I would do if I had the time to

    • If I can I’ll try to do this, and maybe get some more people in on it. I don’t know though, no promises. But I hope that I can help! Then I could get this at good quality + subs 😀

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