B★RS Behind-the-scenes

UPDATE: The YouTube video has been deleted by the user itself, so if you want full coverage you can download via Nyaa.eu (torrent) or jpddl.com (direct download links).

This video is about the making of BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER’s 3D CG effects by studio Sanzigen (Gurren Lagann). This video was shown in “imagine-nation”, a J-Pop culture TV show aired on NHK World few days before the TV anime debut. The studio took part in animating the fighting scenes. The rest of the animation is being done by studio Ordet (Fractale, Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens)

The staff of the studio really put their efforts to make an animated 3D CG characters look alike a hand-drawn or 2D character animation. This thing looks interesting so I feel like I wanna give a try….

They really have a hard time to do these things. Good job to them for making that awesome fighting scenes and hoping that the animation quality will keep improving further in the next episode. Keep it up guys!


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