#1 – How much louder do I have to shout? (Mediaifre | ifile | Minitheatre Listing)

Trivia time: Did you know that the episode title is based on the original B★RS song lyrics written by ryo of supercell. You can watch the music video with English lyrics that I included in my previous post.

Enjoy the 1st episode of TV anime B★RS with badass fighting scenes!

Ep 1 impressions:-

  • After watching it 2-3 times, I have to admit that the character art in the OVA are better than this one.
  • For the newbies of this series, the story is a bit confusing so you have to re-watch to get used to it. (I can understand a bit of it after watching the OVA; the theme of the story is about friendship & 2 parallel world exists there; the reality world & maybe a ‘fantasy’ world)
  • Doesn’t the characters look a bit weird after 3D CG effects applied to them? They look like a ‘robot’ y’know? (Gonzo’s 3D CG is better than this one, I don’t know how 009 Re:Cyborg will turn out?)
  • The fighting scenes looks too intense & badass! So I give it OK then! wo)b
  • During ED, OH GREAT!! One of my favorite supercell song! And Hatsune Miku’s song being featured in an anime for the first time! It’s BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER!! Nice choice, staff of the anime!

In my opinion, this episode is good for now. But I hope that there will be some good turning points in the next coming episode. As a fan of supercell & B★RS, I really expect much from this series to be going on well. So I don’t wanna judge something that hasn’t been finished yet. It’s like judging books by its cover y’know?

*These critics is about the animation quality only, not the whole B★RS thing. Don’t get it wrong man…


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