Steins;Gate PC Gameplay Video With English Patched

I love Steins;Gate not just because of the in-depth storyline & science adventure, the comedy part is hilarious too especially the “fuuhahahha” part. You can also learn about some of the Japanese pop culture & some science terminology. It’s like you’re studying while playing it. My favorite catchphrase in this game is:

“Everything is Steins;Gate’s choice. El Psy Congroo.” – Hououin Kyouma.

And here is my gameplay video, just uploaded yesterday. The game was English patched created by Steins;Gate Visual Novel Translation Project (SGVNTP). And I just got the bad news that one of the translator from the group sold out the translations to JAST USA. I don’t like it because in my opinion, they might not get the credit for all the efforts to finish the translation, thus JAST USA getting credited for the official English release.

Let’s take it out of the subject & many thanks to the translation team (hate JAST USA) for the English patch. The game is 99% translated and the rest is still left untranslated, but still that was not a big issue anymore.

I’ve just finished 3 character routes, and now I’m currently at the part where Okabe Rintarou heading to Moeka’s home to cancel D-Mail, which means I need to complete Mayuri’s route.

Not to forget that huke of supercell, the person who made illustrations for BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER took part in the game development as the character designer.

An anime adaptation aired last year was really epic. So many epic moments while watching it. An OVA will be available along with Vol.9 Blu-Ray and DVD release on Feb 22.

If you want to get the full game, advised to buy it legally so you can support the companies.

English patch download (this will also fix the crash issues while opening tips list): 

Planning: Chiyomaru Shikura (5pb.)
Character Design: huke (supercell)
Gadget Design: SH@RP
Game Scenario: Naotaka Hayashi (5pb.), Vio Shimokura (Nitroplus)
Art Director: Tosou Pehara (Nitroplus)
Music: Takeshi Abo (5pb.), Toshimichi Isoe (Zizz Studio)
Producer: Tatsuya Matsuhara (5pb.)
English Translation: Steins;Gate Visual Novel Translation Project (

Windows Version PV Song (as shown in the video):
「A. R.」 by Kanako Itou

© 2009-2010 5pb. Inc./Nitroplus


2 thoughts on “Steins;Gate PC Gameplay Video With English Patched

  1. Can you share that English patch by uploading it to somewhere? That link/website seems to be dead…

    I patched my game, but I still crashes whenever I click on tips, I’m now wondering if it’s because the patch I got was too old or something :/

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