Persona4 the ANIMATION Special Soundtrack

This one is not a bonus CD that came with the Vol.3 release. I think this one might be a special CD soundtrack that came with BD/DVD release bundle from Vol.1-3. Well, it was released on the same day as the Vol.3 last Wednesday.

What’s special about this soundtrack is the 1st OP & ED of the anime series have been remixed just like he did in the “Reincarnation” albums, so the melody is now differ from the original ones. But still, I love the guitar & piano part of the song!

Tr.01「P4A menu」
Tr.02「sky’s the limit -Special Mix-」
Tr.03「Falling into Right Places -inst ver-」
Tr.04「Ain’t Nobody Can Hold Me Down -inst ver-」
Tr.05「Time for True Revelation -inst ver-」
Tr.06「Alone in this World -inst ver-」
Tr.07「Beauty of Destiny -Special Mix-」

Vocals: Shihoko Hirata (Tr.02 & Tr.07), Lotus Juice (Tr.07)
Lyrics (Tr.02 & Tr.07): Lotus Juice
Composer: Shoji Meguro

Track 4 & 5 are the new ones in the P4A OST collection, but with no vocals. Music with vocals will be in the next OST release on March 21, 2012.

Download here:


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