Gintama Ep 243 miniHD

#243: Draw Your Life on the Canvas We Call Manga (Minitheatre Listing)

The thing that you’re watching is Ashirogi Mu– NO! Why it has to be a Bakuman-like scene in this episode?!

Anyway since a lot of unpleasant things happened lately, especially the take-down of the major DDL services because of the post-SOPA/PIPA impact, I want to emphasize here that the re-encoding & re-uploading of Hidan no Aria (now I’m using the BD/DVD version) as well as other aired/finished anime (I’m still doing Persona 4 because it’s still ongoing though) will be PUT ON HOLD until further notice. Mid-terms exam is just around the corner, so I can’t confirm that I’ll be doing them ASAP. I can’t tell when I will do it but I need to find a suitable time to do it all. Sorry for all the trouble caused… But still it happened because of that bullshit SOPA/PIPA crap!


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