Persona4 the ANIMATION Ep 3-4 Blu-Ray miniHD

#2: The Contractor’s Key

#3: We are friends, aren’t we?

#4: Somewhere not here

Chie & Yukiko eps are available for download now, so that’s the end of Vol.2 release. These are still same as the TV ones, but the visual is getting clearer. I re-posted the Ep 2 download link here, so if you want the Bonus CD content from this volume, you can get it here. The next one will be release this January 25. A drama CD will be the next Bonus CD in the next volume. Preorder via CDJapan or yesasia.

It seems that Persona 4 Golden official site has been revamped. See it for yourself at And a new PV of P4G is now spread over the web. Will be released in Japan this Spring for PS Vita.

Speaking about one of the Megami Tensei franchises, lately Atlus USA released an English teaser trailer of the upcoming NDS game, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2. It’ll be released next month in America. Japanese have played & experienced the game since July 28, 2011. Don’t ya think it is a bit “Final Destination”-ish? But yeah, I still love it!  8D

But in Amazon site, it states that the game will be released on February 28.

So the English release day draws closer, and I’ll looking forward to it… ^^


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