Shiomaru’s 1st tribute album

It’s been 2 weeks & yet we’re still talking about CF2011 eventhough this year is almost over.

A friend of mine who also attended the event recommended me to hear this Shiomaru’s songs that he bought during that time. I listened a song of her during the live performance of the event too. I think it’s entitled “Blithe”, which is also included in this album.  Maybe I should try out other songs in this tribute album made by herself.

A brief intros about Shiomaru is explained in her Facebook Fan Page here.

Time to peek in for contents…

Owh, and Miku is curious whether Shiomaru’s voice is better that hers..

On the left side of the booklet is the CD. Let’s open it…

Nice & good-looking CD art. Sorry for the quality of the image….

The table of contents of the booklet. Only 8 songs included in this album.The song with the lyrics and brief description about the origin of the song.

List of songs included in the album:

  • Golden Wish (A Tribute to InuYasha)
  • Yes, Your Highness (A Tribute to Code Geass)
  • Come To Me ( A Tribute to Kuroshitsuji)
  • Starlit (A Tribute to La Corda d’Oro)
  • Amendment (A Tribute to Shonen Onmyouji)
  • To Me, To You (A Tribute to Texhnolyze)
  • Blithe (A Tribute to Basilisk)
  • Trying With You (A Song For Japan) -this one is a song dedicated to the person who went through the Tohoku earthquake back in March 2011-

All of these songs are made by herself, and these are inspired from the listed anime. I’ve heard all of them & nice song indeed. I should share the songs to you soon.


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