My last post of the year…

I need to finish up the final moments of 2011 by creating this final post of the year.

Today was a hangout day with my friends during New Year’s eve.

I went to arcade center with my fellow friends this afternoon. Just killing time though…What a cute plush toy hanging inside my friend’s car.

I just went to the nearest hypermarket to buy some stuff for the new year celebration. I just celebrate it at my home with my relatives.

At this rate, Chinese festive greeting cards already showed up because Chinese New Year festive season is just around the corner, which is next month.

Next one will be year of dragon according to Chinese zodiac. So they started selling the dragon’s head…

Mandarins piled up for sale…

My stuff…

Since today is the public holiday, tons of folks gathering around the hypermarket to get their needs. As a result, there are long queues around the cashier area…

And that’s the end of my final post.

I have a surprise for you after 12am in Malaysia… Stay in touch…


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