iM@S Complete (with FIN@L Ep 25)

#25 – Everyone, Together! (DDL | Minitheatre)

Batch Folder

And another series that ended one after another… Overall, this anime was good and here are my impressions:

Beginning: Wow, good animation quality, really eye-candish…

Middle: ….. …… …… (since he watch it during midnights, he ended up sleeping on the laptop keyboard, leaving the video playing on screen…)

Ending: I’m really annoyed with Haruka’s actions from Ep 23 & 24, and what Miki said was right, she’s too optimistic until the selfishness devours her. But she managed to settle it in the final ep, so what’s done is done… Heartwarming ending but not too much anticipation…

Between iM@S & Vocaloid songs, I like Vocaloid most. Bcoz many songs were made by supercell, I love their musics though… And eagerly waiting for Nisemonogatari, Black★Rock Shooter & next season of Guilty Crown not only bcoz of the anticipation, but ryo of supercell produce the songs for these anime.

Please take a note that I will take a hiatus from encoding during New Year Week, I mean next week but it doesn’t mean that I’ll take a break posting updates and news during the week. Probably the Persona 4 Vol.2 episodes will be available right after that period.

Happy holidays & have a great new year celebration to all infonochikara readers!


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