Persona4 the Animation Original Soundtrack Vol.1

As a starter of Vol.2 stuffs, here’s the Bonus CD that came with the 2nd volume of P4A Blu-Ray release.

Straight away to the tracklist:

Tr.01「P4A Main theme」
Tr.02「Peaceful Message」
Tr.03「The strange world」
Tr.04「out of mere play」
Tr.06「Alone in this World -piano ver.-」
Tr.07「Falling into Right Places」
Tr.08「その名を刻め」 ~Sono na wo Kizame~
Tr.10「逆ナン大作戦!」 ~Gyaku na Dai Sakusen!~
Tr.11「Truth or Lies」
Tr.12「Lost Control」
Tr.13「Alone in this World」

For track 7 & 13, vocals performed by Shihoko Hirata & lyrics created by Lotus Juice. The composer & arranger for all soundtracks is of course the well-known Shin Megami Tensei’s Shoji Meguro.

Download Here

Get the original ones (CDJapan | Yesasia)


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