Gintama Ep 239

#239 – You know those year-end parties where you keep drinking until you’ve forgotten everything that happened the past year? There are a few things you’re not supposed to forget. (DDL | Minitheatre)

How are your plans for this coming 2012? Time passed blazing fast and finally we will reaching the end of 2011 next Saturday. My college life is restarted again, so I’m getting busy again. My wish for next year is getting better results for each semester, and I have approx. 18 months left to graduate. Let’s hope that this coming year is better than this year.

Not bad, I’ve got 3.5 out of 4.0 for the last sem. So now, I got in Dean’s List 3 times in a row which means 3 sems in a row.

Then, Mikoto Misaka came out from nowhere… ^^;

After this, I’ll be posting about the Comic Fiesta 2011 in Kuala Lumpur for those who are too eager to find out what happened there…. ^^


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