Comic Fiesta 2011 Highlights

I’m proudly to brought you the coverage of last week’s Comic Fiesta 2011 @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia on 17-18 Dec ’11.

This is the 10th event held since 2001 which is the first debut at Sungei Wang Plaza, KL.

I didn’t manage to go there on Day 1 because there are some complicated matters such as horrible crowd management. At noon, the hall was packed with thousands of visitors like sardine can. Because of that, the hall management blocked the entrance & people were waiting outside for hours just to get inside. Even the ticket holders didn’t manage to get in there. Around 3pm, a sign placed by one of the CF staff, stated that the tickets were sold out. So the remaining visitors were pissed off and then left the area. An hour later, some people with strong patience finally able to preorder tickets for the following day. What I can say is Day 1 is the worst one because of management issues. But I glad that they able to cope up the situation on the next day and I had enjoyed it so much! XD

Anyhow, I went there by ETS (electric train service). FYI, it’s just established by KTM (Malaya Train) last year. So this is my 1st time taking this ETS. The max speed for this train is approx. 145km/h. Usually it takes about 2 h 15 min in the distance of 200km with 9 stops to reach KL from my hometown, Ipoh. Rather than 3 hours if you take the locomotive train.Then, I reached KL around 12.30 in the noon. But whoa…! There were full of ACG fans and even cosplayers preparing to take pictures of them. Anyway, save them for later & most important was to get the ticket before it runs out…Long Qs just for the sake of the tickets… So ima getting curious…Then voila! Thank goodness, I had managed to buy the tickets super fast bcoz the staff divide the lanes into 2, one for the entrance & one for ticket purchasing. Great job they did out there!

And when I reached the entrance, found a plethora of visitors browsing some stuffs such as doujinshi, DVD & CD, figurines, mangas and other anime-related merchandises. So without delay, with joy it’s stuff hunting time!! XDPeople browsing the doujinshis.Kawaii nendoroids with “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH!” sign, afraid that it might affect the quality. Let’s take a closer look….……Wondering why Andy lied down before Mio?More people buying anime merchandise.Loads of anime DVDs sold with low price.Mirai Millennium, the upcoming anime by the studio J.C. Staff, and the man behind the scenes is the famous blogger Danny Choo, who is also the producer of my favorite documentary, Culture Japan. Mirai Suenaga (girl on the very right) is also the official mascot of that show. Hi there, Mirai-chan!! Send my regards to Danny-san!Dota 2 competition. It’s still in closed beta & only being used in tournaments only. Asians do really like playing Dota these days.Dota 2 finals was being shown in the big screen. Sorry for the pic quality, I’m using phone camera though…

Woah, time to do some cosplay hunting…. 8DDD

And… uh… this is all I can take because my phone battery was drained out, probably too much energy consumed during video recording. ^^;

I think it’s Snow Miku cosplay…

Girls Dead Monsters from Angel Beats!.This ‘shaky’ picture…. T-T  It’s Nura Rikuo’s youkai form cosplay. Speaking of it, Nura S2 Ep 24 will be available tomorrow. It’s the final ep of the season.Madoka & Kyouko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.Ugh!! Shaky!Kyubey also did not miss the chance to be part of them. No no no…. I won’t make contract with you… ‘Coz ima man…Vocaloid2 characters cosplay.Alice from Kamisama no Memochou. Kawaii deshou?! (That’s cute, isn’t it?!)I’ve seen her before…And I’ve seen two of them before….

So that’s last of the cosplay pics.

The event ended around 9pm, but since my ETS train to Ipoh will be leaving KL on the same time, I should leave early just after the Marvel vs Capcom 3 grand final tournament which is ended around 7.30. LRT trip from KLCC to KL Sentral, where the ETS departs from, took around 20 mins.

Not to miss the beautiful scenery around KLCC.The Petronas Twin Towers during nighttime.People are surely busy around KLCC during nights.KLCC park…The scenery inside KLCC shopping complex, with Xmas tree decorations, knowing that the day is next Sunday (Dec 25).Took some shots inside the LRT station while waiting for the next trip.This will conclude my coverage for today. More will come with video recordings. I’m currently working on these, but since Nura S2 Ep 24 is now with me, I’ll leave those for a moment.

And my final verdict for this event, this is the hottest and greatest ACG event in Malaysia, and many people satisfied with it & they enjoyed it so much, even me. But unfortunately with Day 1 failure, this may not be one of the events that organized properly.

*I think it’s my first time posting this kind of post. Maybe I should do it more…


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