Kantai Collection -KanColle- 「艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-」 Ep 7 -Insufficient Resources, Admiral Gone Broke!-

[MT-InC] KtC - 07.mkv_snapshot_21.15_[2015.02.20_16.58.26]Admiral’s thought like, “Meh, no mood for micro-transactions for instant fleet repairs & resources for the upcoming operation because I’m officially broke. So, YOLO strat!”.

This might be 50/50 chance that they will accomplish the mission with this strategy. Hopefully there won’t be any loss later, including next week’s episode.

#7: I Hate Carrier Group One! (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 Ep 56 -A Hope Crushed-

[MT-InC] KuroBas - 56 [A105C4A6].mkv_snapshot_18.18_[2015.02.17_21.18.30]If they have to deal with psychic powers in a sport series later on, that would be extremely hilarious knowing that they have Geass, Super Saiyan, and teleportation like abilities. Well, a game is a game. Next semifinals coming up next week.

#56: I Will Offer Them (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

ALDNOAH.ZERO 「アルドノア・ゼロ」 Ep 18 -Battle of Pride-

[MT-InC] ALDZ - 18 [608F37E1].mkv_snapshot_14.14_[2015.02.17_21.16.11]So, they didn’t care about other Counts having trouble down there on Earth. What they care most is… who will be worth staying by princess’ side?

I’m trying not to get my hopes up for the next episode after witnessing something… intriguing. Like Slaine said in this episode, “There are no miracles!”.

#18: Going Through the Deep Forest -The Rose and the Ring- (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Little Busters! EX 「リトルバスターズ!EX」 Ep 7 -The Head of Disciplinary’s Life-

[MT-InC] LBEX - 07 [99693622].mkv_snapshot_15.53_[2015.02.08_20.49.40]It’s been a VERY LOOOOOONGGGGG time since Sasami’s route. I realized this episode had been released by Refrain Subs long ago before the end of last year so my apologies for the lack of alertness. Now waiting for one more episode to be released by the fansub, then we can wrap up EX stories for good. By the by, have you noticed that Kanata is always wear her school jacket regardless of place and time?

That’s done for today. Now resuming hunting session…

#7: Kanata’s Secret (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Kantai Collection -KanColle- 「艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-」 Ep 6 -The Hot Pot Showdown-

[MT-InC] KtC - 06 [FA28DB5E].mkv_snapshot_21.19_[2015.02.14_13.58.32]No… Don’t expect any warships in this episode. It’s all about… “WHO’S BETTER AT COOKING?” kinda thing. I’m not gonna lie, every single slice-of-life anime has this cliché. Mediocre episode. Oh by the way, I just realized Akagi is being voiced by Miku in real voice lol.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have preparations to make right now:

DSC_0158~2 I bought both games from that website in my country. It isn’t a very grand retailer like GameStop, but he’s a very good dealer when it comes to game stuffs, especially Nintendo. And yeah, if you noticed something different with my 3DS, it’s because the left Circle Pad rubber is gone due to too much playing SSB lol. At least the stick edge is still there so it’s pretty much still functional & controllable.

#6: Destroyer Division Six and the Battle of Curry Seas! (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal 「美少女戦士セーラームーンクリスタル」 Ep 15 -The Other Usagi-

[MT-InC] SMC - 15 [93BA01AE].mkv_snapshot_06.42_[2015.02.10_01.05.19]Time to dive into a new arc this time. Little Usagi, the Black Moon guys & the 2nd Legendary Crystal; all will be uncovered in this arc. Seems everything is faithful to the manga so far.

It’s already midnight right now so I’m gonna land on my bed after this. Later this morning I can’t wait to play Majora’s Mask 3D & Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate which will arrive at my home soon. And no, I’m not gonna buy the “new” 3DS. Since Xenoblade 3D that will be released this April is the only game exclusively for the console at the moment, buying it isn’t really worth my money right now. Probably gonna wait for price cut, though.

#15: Infiltration -Sailor Mars- (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 Ep 55 -The Power of the Eye-

[MT-InC] KuroBas - 55 [EBF6531E].mkv_snapshot_17.59_[2015.02.10_01.01.47]“KNEEL BEFORE AKASHI, YOU DUMBASS!”

This is another guy that I mentioned about in the previous post regarding the eye complexity. Anime & manga nowadays are too obsessed with eyes lately.

First, we have Kise’s Super Saiyan copycat and now this Lelouch’s Geass-like ability? Wow, the author surely loves mashing up these superpowers into a basketball manga. Dude, I really wanted this dude to get rekt but… Seirin vs Kaijou first.

#55: I Know None of That (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)