Gintama’s Basketball

Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 [MT-InC] KuroBas - 68 [032D7FE2].mkv_snapshot_02.14_[2015.05.16_08.41.27]#68: Isn’t It The Best? (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes) Gintama° 「銀魂°」 [MT-InC] Gin - 271 [0039CBF4].mkv_snapshot_06.47_[2015.05.16_08.41.02]#271: Arriving Late to a Reunion Makes it Hard to Enter (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes) I’ve waited for this moment to happen, that’s why I posted these 2 somehow-related episodes. We’ve watched the flashback arc of Teikou recently. Now we’re getting the same treatment in Gintama but rather in an ‘interesting’ way. That Kuroko’s one line quote pretty much sums up about what will you expect for this week’s episode. About Takasugi’s appearance, well… Don’t get your hopes up. I’m glad I didn’t expect it too much. I’ve learned my lesson from previous episodes. On the other hand, in Kuroko’s Basketball, where’s THE ZONE Kai, the 2nd form lol? And yup, second Kuroko confirmed.

Gintama° 「銀魂°」 Ep 270 -Hidden Self Exposed!-

[MT-InC] Gin - 270 [1A068C64].mkv_snapshot_10.21_[2015.05.08_17.56.38]Too much Dragonball references here. I bet the staffs are pretty excited for the upcoming DB Super.

I like the first half. Second half was fine but I found some jokes there are simply horrendous. Disgusts me pretty much.

#270: A Mirror Provides a Frozen Reflection of Both Your Beautiful and Ugly Sides/Nobody Likes the Photo on Their License (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

Kuroko’s Basketball 「黒子のバスケ」 Ep 67 -One Final Showdown!-

[MT-InC] KuroBas - 67 [10A5F2CA].mkv_snapshot_18.33_[2015.05.07_13.13.27]This is it, guys! Let’s end the GoM’s era and start anew and oh boy, Kagami is already being unstoppable right after the tip-off.

The OP animation looks gorgeous. But I really wish I.G will do the same with the episodes, not just the OP part. Ain’t gonna tricked by 1:30 long of that part while the rest is just the same normal animation.

#67: Final Tip-off!! (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)

The Heroic Legend of Arslan 「アルスラーン戦記」 Ep 3 -The Fall of Andragoras the 3rd-

[MT-InC] HeroArs - 03 [06256CCA].mkv_snapshot_12.05_[2015.05.03_09.32.16]Demm that old man can still leap pretty far with his sword swinging around.

That SFXs they used are a huge blast. Not far from Micheal Bay’s level, though. Well, it’s Liden Films, a studio that is very notable in doing that part.

#3: The Knight in Black (Mirrorcreator | DL Pastes)